The Coronavirus Hysteria

I never dreamed I’d live through the human race’s “lemmings-over-the-cliff” moment, that I’d see such a thing in my lifetime. I’ve read about and lived through plenty of irrationalities and hysterias. I lived through Y2K, and knew it was ridiculous at the time. I’ve seen people believe in socialism, both before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I’ve read about appeasement in the 30s. I’ve read Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (e.g. the tulip bubble). But in some ways, this irrationality tops them all: shutting down the world economy for a disease that’s only a serious risk to a small part of the population.

I believe I’m seeing the first global hysteria and the first worldwide holier-than-thou moment: I believe it’s caused by people wanting to feel good about themselves (like they’re helping others) and wanting others to see them as good (virtue signaling).

It seems that the liberals (people driven by emotion) have won, and found a new method of forcing their will on others through the government. The liberals are in charge of the asylum. It’s political correctness run wild… and the reaction to the coronavirus will cause a global economic depression.

The economic depression caused by those selfish emotions (people wanting to feel good about themselves and seem good to others) will kill far more people than will be saved from the coronavirus. This is because poverty is, by far, the largest killer of humans, and shutting down the world’s economy will cause a lot of poverty. People will die from this irrationality. The damage may even be permanent if the anti-freedom policies being implemented now aren’t fully reversed later.

As I write this, the US economy has been shutting down over the last week. Two days ago, the auto manufacturers shut their plants. Yesterday, California’s government told everyone to stay home. Today, New York and some other states followed suit. My local movie theatres, most malls and restaurants, and beaches have shut down.

Will it be like this every time there’s a new risk in the future? Will we be in a permanent state of fear-induced restrictions on our freedoms and leftist policies like wealth transfers? Or will it be like the boy who cried wolf, and no one will ever believe a warning of doom again? I don’t know.

Seeing this irrationality makes me furious. It’s also hard to be right when everyone else is wrong, to be one of the few who see that the human race is harming itself: the liberal majority tries to intimidate us into silence through social pressure (implying that you’re a bad person for having such ideas, often called political correctness). I won’t give in to the intimidation, however, because I feel it’s my moral obligation to rebel against the irrationality and tyranny.