Death by Government by R. J. Rummel

Democide is killings by governments, not including war. Which killed more people in the 20th century, democide or war? Democide did.


R. J. Rummel’s book Death by Government catalogs democide in the 20th century through 1987. Everyone should know this information.

What has killed more, socialism or fascism? Socialism did: the Soviet Union and China alone killed 97 million according to Rummel, versus 21 million by Hitler’s Germany. Did you know that Hitler killed twice as many Slavs as Jews? Did you know that some of the biggest killers of the 20th century include Mexico, Poland, Pakistan, Japan, and Turkey? Did you know that millions died in Southeast Asia after the United States pulled out of Vietnam?


Post Rummel’s research I believe the biggest killer has been North Korea, where millions died of starvation in the late 90s. Saddam Hussein is also believed to have killed about two million people. I’d also add the DDT ban, which killed tens of millions of people via mosquito-borne illnesses.

I think everyone should know these things, and Rummel’s book is an interesting, easy read. I recommend everyone read it.

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